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The Kanrin Japanese School
Hiroshi Nagaoka Principal

  1. We handle student's personal information by complying with the Information Privacy Act and other relevant laws/guidelines.
  2. We acquire the minimum personal information of our students by legitimate and fair means.
  3. We use personal information within the pre-described purposes as long as it is necessary for its school operations. Any change in purpose of use will be notified to students or announced on the Website etc.
    When personal information is used beyond its original purpose, we will obtain consent of the customer, except for the following cases.
  4. We will not provide personal information to a third party without prior consent of a customer in writing. However, the school may provide personal information of students to an external party in case it is necessary for sound operation of legal scheme, in case the school outsources its opteration for purposes specified in "3. Use of personal information" above, in case it is required by laws and regulations or in case it is considered necessary for public interests, to the extent necessary for these purposes.
  5. We maintain personal information as accurately as possible and manages it safely. The school takes actions for appropriate information security against unauthorized access, computer virus etc., to prevent loss, damage, alteration and leakage of personal information and for safety control of personal information.
  6. We appoint a person in charge to ensure appropriate management of personal information. The school provides training to directors and employees on protection and appropriate management of personal information and ensures that personal information is handled appropriately in the daily operations.
  7. We formulate the personal information protection program (including this policy, "Personal Information Protection Rules" and other rules and regulations) to enforce this policy, communicate them to employees of the Company and other related parties, and implement/maintain/continuously improve them.
  8. If our students have any opinion or inquiry on the school's handling of personal information, please contact a person in charge for this "Protection Policy of individual information".