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JR Narita Express - Narita Airport to Aobadai Station

Pick the JR Narita Express stops on Shibuya station.

Change train to Tokyu Denentoshi-line. Pick the train bound for Chuo-rinkan and stops on Aobadai.

Limousine Bus from Narita Airport to Tama Plaza Station

The easiest way to come to the school from Narita airport is to take a bus (keisei) for Tama-plaza. It is 2800 yen and take 1h30 - 2h depending on the road traffic. When you are at Tama-plaza bus station, go left, and walk about 15 meters. In your left you will see the train station (tokyu denentoshi line). Take a train for Chuo-rinkan, and get off at Aobadai station (2 or 5 stations from Tama-plaza depending if you take an express train or not). Another solution is to take a taxi at Tama-plaza bus station, and you give the address of the school to the driver. It is more expensive than the train (around 2800 yen).

Limousine Bus from Haneda Airport to Tama Plaza Station

The easiest way to come to the school from Haneda airport is to take a bus (Keihin Kyuko Bus) for Tama-plaza.

From the Station to the School

After going through the ticket gate at Aobadai Station, go straight to the main street. Turn left and walk about 50 meters. You will see at the crossing the Tokyo Mitusbishi Bank and UFJ Bank. Then turn right and walk about 100 meters, you see Karaoke at the corner. Cross the street on the right side and go straight. You will see a big Karaoke Bar at the left side of the street. After you turn left at the small street a few meters ahead, you already see the signboard of our school.

Kanrin Japanese School 227-0063 Kanagawa-Ken Yokohama-Shi Aoba-Ku Enokigaoka 5-3